Book Summary: Choose Yourself by James Altucher

Choose Yourself by James Altucher Book Cover

Choose Yourself is a book written by James Altucher, an American entrepreneur, investor, and writer. The book was published in 2013 and has since become a bestseller, with over 200,000 copies sold. The book’s central idea is that in today’s rapidly changing world, individuals must take control of their own lives and careers, rather than relying on traditional paths to success.

Chapter 1: The End of the World

The first chapter of Choose Yourself sets the stage for the rest of the book by discussing the various ways in which the world is changing. Altucher argues that traditional career paths are becoming less reliable, and that individuals must take matters into their own hands if they want to succeed. He also discusses the importance of being open to new experiences and taking risks.

Chapter 2: The Power of No

In the second chapter, Altucher discusses the importance of saying “no” to things that are not important to you. He argues that by saying “no” to things that are not meaningful, individuals can free up time and energy to pursue their passions. He also discusses the importance of setting boundaries and avoiding distractions.

Chapter 3: The 1% Rule

The third chapter of Choose Yourself introduces the concept of the 1% rule, which suggests that small, consistent actions can lead to significant results over time. Altucher argues that by taking small steps towards your goals every day, you can gradually build momentum and achieve great things.

Chapter 4: The Daily Practice

In the fourth chapter, Altucher discusses the importance of developing a daily practice that supports your goals. He suggests that individuals should spend time each day working on their goals, whether it be writing, exercising, or pursuing a new skill. He also emphasizes the importance of being consistent and disciplined in your practice.

Chapter 5: The Power of Giving

The fifth chapter of Choose Yourself focuses on the importance of giving to others. Altucher argues that by helping others, individuals can create positive energy and attract good things into their own lives. He also discusses the importance of generosity and kindness in building relationships and creating a positive impact on the world.

Chapter 6: The Rule of 10

In the sixth chapter, Altucher introduces the Rule of 10, which suggests that individuals should focus on ten things that they are passionate about and try to excel at them. He argues that by focusing on a small number of activities, individuals can achieve great success and satisfaction in their lives.

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Chapter 7: The Choose Yourself Revolution

The final chapter of Choose Yourself brings together the book’s central ideas and encourages individuals to take action in their own lives. Altucher argues that by choosing yourself, individuals can create a more fulfilling and successful life for themselves, and can also contribute to a larger movement of individuals who are taking control of their own destinies.


Choose Yourself is a powerful and inspiring book that encourages individuals to take control of their own lives and careers. Through a combination of personal anecdotes, practical advice, and thought-provoking ideas, Altucher shows readers how to create a more fulfilling and successful life for themselves. Whether you are looking to start a new business, pursue a new passion, or simply take control of your own destiny, Choose Yourself is a must-read.

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