Book Summary: Inventing the Future by Nick Srnicek

Inventing the Future by Nick Srnicek Book Cover

Inventing the Future is a book written by Nick Srnicek that explores the idea of a post-capitalist society and how we can achieve it. The book delves into the history of capitalism, its flaws, and how it has impacted society. It also examines the various alternatives to capitalism that have been proposed over the years and how they can be implemented.

Chapter 1: The History of Capitalism

The first chapter of the book provides a brief history of capitalism, from its beginnings in the Renaissance to its current state. Srnicek argues that capitalism has always been characterized by inequality and exploitation, and that it has led to environmental degradation and social unrest. He also points out that capitalism has been resisted throughout history, with various movements and ideologies arising in opposition to it.

Chapter 2: The Crises of Capitalism

In the second chapter, Srnicek discusses the various crises that have plagued capitalism throughout its history. These include economic crises, such as the Great Depression and the 2008 financial crisis, as well as ecological crises, such as climate change and the destruction of ecosystems. He argues that these crises are not accidental, but rather are inherent to the capitalist system.

Chapter 3: The Limits of Reform

In the third chapter, Srnicek examines the various attempts to reform capitalism, such as social democracy and Keynesian economics. He argues that while these reforms have achieved some successes, they have ultimately failed to address the fundamental problems of capitalism. He also points out that these reforms have been undermined by neoliberalism, which has sought to roll back the gains made by earlier reform movements.

Chapter 4: Alternatives to Capitalism

In the fourth chapter, Srnicek explores various alternatives to capitalism that have been proposed over the years. These include socialism, communism, anarchism, and various forms of eco

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