Book Summary: The Game by Neil Strauss

The Game by Neil Strauss Book Cover

“The Game” is a non-fiction book written by Neil Strauss, an American author, and journalist. The book was published in 2005 and has since become a bestseller, selling over a million copies worldwide. “The Game” is a detailed account of Strauss’ journey into the world of pickup artists and seduction communities. The book explores the techniques and strategies used by these communities to pick up women and how Strauss, a former writer for The New York Times, transformed himself from a shy and insecure man into a confident and successful pickup artist.

Chapter 1: The Blueprint

In the first chapter of “The Game,” Strauss introduces the concept of the “pickup artist” and the various techniques and strategies used by these individuals to pick up women. Strauss also provides a detailed overview of the seduction community, which is a network of men who share information and tips on how to pick up women. The chapter also includes a brief history of pickup artistry and how it has evolved over time.

Chapter 2: The Mystery Method

In the second chapter, Strauss delves deeper into the world of pickup artistry and introduces the reader to Mystery, one of the most famous and successful pickup artists of all time. Mystery is known for his “Mystery Method,” a systematic approach to picking up women that involves a series of steps and techniques. Strauss follows Mystery on his journey through various nightclubs and bars, observing his interactions with women and learning the techniques of the Mystery Method firsthand.

Chapter 3: The Community

In the third chapter, Strauss provides an overview of the seduction community and its various subgroups. He attends a seminar hosted by the “Hypnotica,” a well-known hypnotist and pickup artist, and meets other members of the community. Strauss also discusses the controversy surrounding the seduction community and the negative perceptions some people have of it.

Chapter 4: The Routines

In the fourth chapter, Strauss delves into the various routines and techniques used by pickup artists to attract women. He learns about the “opener,” a line or question used to initiate a conversation with a woman, and the “routine,” a series of lines and behaviors designed to build attraction and interest. Strauss also discusses the importance of “kino,” or physical touching, in picking up women.

Chapter 5: The Inner Game

In the fifth chapter, Strauss explores the psychological aspects of pickup artistry and how the mindset of a pickup artist can affect their success with women. He learns about “fractionation,” a technique used to create emotional distance and intrigue, and “mirroring,” a technique used to build rapport and connection with a woman. Strauss also discusses the importance of self-confidence and self-esteem in pickup artistry.

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Chapter 6: The Transformation

In the sixth chapter, Strauss reflects on his journey into the world of pickup artistry and how it has transformed him as a person. He discusses the positive aspects of pickup artistry, such as the development of confidence and self-esteem, and the negative aspects, such as the objectification of women. Strauss also reflects on the impact of pickup artistry on his personal life and relationships.


Overall, “The Game” is a fascinating and insightful look into the world of pickup artistry and the seduction community. Strauss provides a detailed overview of the techniques and strategies used by pickup artists to pick up women, as well as the psychological aspects of the game. The book is not only informative but also entertaining, with Strauss’ firsthand accounts of his experiences in the community. Whether you are interested in pickup artistry or simply curious about the world of seduction, “The Game” is a must-read.

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